Environmental protection & energy saving are the most fundamental issues for all human beings nowadays. Bearing that in mind when developing products and in order to protect the earth, Serener has successfully launched a wide range of earth friendly products for industrial applications. 

Vision & Mission: Environmental Protection & Energy Saving to Protect the Earth 

Corporate Philosophy: We honor each commitment to customers and do our utmost to accomplish them.

Research & Development:
Serener intends to develop industrial devices which are high performance & low power comsuption as well as are using renewable energy. For those outdoor applications, Serener is able to provide solutions that meet IP68 levels. One of the top challengs for engineers is how to develop products which can prevent from unneccessory energy loss while it is in the processing. Our R&D team has been striving to achiev this goal and launched leading-edge equipments which are environmental friendly to protect the natual resources as much as we can.

Company Milestones:
Introduced Fan-less enclosures, passive cooking, dust-resistant & low noise, idealy used for Car PC, HTPC as well as Enbedded PC for industrial applications
2004: Launched compact DC-DC converter, high efficeincy (Up to 90%) power supply, idealy for systems which have space limitattion & demend good heat dissipation
2005: Introduce GP-83, intelligent PSU with ITPS, idealy for vechicle PC, with software pre-setting can turn on and switch off the PC automatically.
2007: Launched GW series, up to IP68 level, water-resistant & dust-resistant , idealy for outdoor applications
2009: Introduced heavy duty fan-less solution. GS-L10 series, capable for up to 50 watts TDP, recommended by Fujitsu at Enbedded World Trade Show.
2011: Introduced 80+ SU series which have a complete new concept that integrates system redundant, DC UPS & data storage in one machine.
2012: Launched DC Power Server SE series, DC Power Sources & DC UPS, can be remote controlled via internet, ideally for using in the applications that need extreme security such as banks, jewellry shops,..etc.